Diving Dentist

I would like to announce that Bobbie and I passed our scuba diving exam in Moneterey, CA this weekend. Sorry, no pictures. We forgot to take the camera out. The stress of the test alone the first day was enough, not to mention we had to get dressed in front of at least 5o other people and Bobbie Jo couldn’t get in her wetsuit! We were Lucy and Ethel of the beach. It was hilarious, I wish I had a video camera.
On the second day, my nose bled right before the dive. Roland, our instructor, told me not to push myself. Are you kidding? After waiting months for this day, I was going to complete the test even if I go into hypothermia or unconsciousness, whichever comes first. Thank God, neither happened but there was a moment when I was so stiff that Bobbie had to tap me just to make sure I was still alive. The water was 47 degrees, people!
We were so exhausted. We ache in every muscle. We pain in all areas. Movements do not come without torture. But through it all, we love every moment of it. Everyone that was involved with our training was great. We love our instructor. We would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn scuba. I have never had a scuba instructor but this guy’s the best. We want to thank all of our instructor’s assistants (Chris, James, Sergei, Joann, and Sandy) for putting up with our comedy and helplessness. From the honesty of our hearts and the flashing of our smiles, thank you all for such a great and amazing experience. Like Chris said, “Welcome to your next addiction.”

A Friend in the Dental Chair

Hello all friends of Richard,
Yes, there is a dog here for the comfort of our patients. His name is Photon and he helps with calming the nerves of our anxious patients. But with Richard, they’re good buddies. Thank you, Richard for being a great friend to Photon.
A Friend in the Dental Chair