wagon without wheels

okay, so it’s just a cardboard box with a dog in it. Bobbie Jo was bored so she decided to take Photon for a ride around the office. I think he was scared but it was cute to see him sit so still while the ride was taking place from the reception room to the back office. If this is a form of animal abuse, please don’t report it. Thank you.


Flashback P. II

I know you think you know what big hair is but you don’t know. Bobbie Jo knows. I know you think you were popular in high school but you were not. Bobbie Jo was. If you don’t believe me, check out our girl at Encinal High School in Alameda, CA class of 1988. Girl, you know she got your boyfriend!

Bobbie Jo H.S. protrait


Back in the days when “hair bears” are in, big button sweaters are “must-haves” and thick eyebrows are stylin’. Here ladies and gentlemen is the “best-looking” winner of Milton Hershey High School in Hershey, PA class of 1991. Yes, our very own Mrs. Alissa Bridgeman. Congratulations, Alissa. You are way cool!

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Imagine my niece’s (also a patient) surprise when she opened a game cube box with only canned food in it. To make it more filling, she received a box of udon bowls for her 7th birthday as well. Of course her mother couldn’t just give her canned food, Amanda got the game cube itself. Obviously, I couldn’t give her just udons, I got her a bottle of sunscreen too. I know, I hear birds chirping around me already. Happy Birthday, Monkey!
amanda\'s surprise