Good Luck, Katie

This is Katie Sullivan, our little dental intern for the summer. She was the “empty vessel” that wanted to be filled. She did an exceptional job learning the basics of dentistry. It was so much fun having her in the office; a big joy to our little practice. We wish her luck on her undergraduate studies at UCSD and her D.A.T. We know that someday she will make a great dentist. Thank you so much, Katie, for being such a great help. Good luck!

Beauty and A Geek

Okay, this is Jamie back in high schoool, class of 19- -(we won’t say). Not only is she beautiful (she hasn’t changed a bit), she was also a member of the National Honor Society. Yes, she’s our beauty and geek all in one.

No Mountains High Enough

Yosemite Half Dome…the first and toughest hike I’ve ever been on. By the time I got to the top, my legs gave out. I couldn’t feel them anymore so pain was not a factor. I walked/ran back down the same crazy path in 4 hours while it took me 7 hours to reach the top.


Happy Grandma

Jordan, the perfect little addition to our patient’s life. Barbara’s so proud, she sends us pictures every so often so we had to share this one with the rest of you. What a cute smile on that little face without any teeth. Isn’t it funny how we start life without teeth and we end life without teeth (for the most of us anyway)?!