One Week Old

Tiana with Photon on the chaise sleeping. Surprisingly, Photon is a great big brother. We didn’t have to deal with jealousy or anything like it. If anything, Photon has been a great older brother to Tiana. He sniffs her and I think he understands this baby is a huge part of our life now. What an awesome dog!


It’s a girl…

Please welcome our baby girl, Tiana!
Birthdate: Saturday, July 7,2007
Time: 8:03am
Weight: 6 lbs. 14 oz.
Length: 20.5 in

Mommy was in labor for 11 hours! But the thing called EPIDURAL was great. NO PAIN! The anesthesiologist was a comedian because he said the first prick will feel like the shot from your dentist. I wonder which dental office he goes to.
I would like to say thank you to all of you who called and checked on mommy’s and baby’s welfare. Thank you for all your concerns, gifts and well wishes. I didn’t like being pregnant but I would definitely go through it again to have another baby like Tiana. She’s perfect in every way. One word: BEAUTIFUL. She was worth all the pain and nausea.