Poem From A Patient

Life is not a four letter word,
dive in and fly like a bird.
Life in all it’s glory remains an untold story
with twists and turns and many things to learn
from hearts that have emotion to love and devotion,
even when you feel the burn
life is something one wants to yearn.
Though there is nothing rosy in it,
even though you think you have completely seen it,
there will always be some mystery,
even though you know all of history.
Sometimes hard to understand,
in this ever changing world we have at hand,
where somethings evolve
to where somethings dissolve.
Life is like a cycle with no beginning and no end,
it is cynical, yet fulfilling at every bend.
In all it’s glory as an untold story,
somethings should be left unsaid ,
to appreciate life as it is said.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2007 Samson Samuel Koshy