Happy New Year, 2010!

As another year is upon us, I’m looking forward to a wonderful new decade of celebration and life. 2009 was a year of many sad events. As we say hello to new friends and neighbors, we also say good-bye to great friends and acquaintances. Right before our holiday break, we were told of an unexpected death of our very young patient and it was hard to continue on with our celebration of the new year. Our hearts go out to her families and friends who have to hurt so badly. Debbie was such an awesome person, kind at heart and gestures. She will surely be missed by all of us and by those who knew her.
2009 was a good year for me personally, for it was the year of Theodore’s birth. My prince is my joy. He is the happiest baby I know. My little guy sleeps with a smile on his face. He wakes up with a laughter that is infectious to all. This past year was also a good year for me since it brought back friends from many moons ago. It was nice to know that I was sought out and “stalked” on my own website.
I know these past few months have been real hard on some people due to job insecurities and losses but I have hope that the economy will turn around and pick up again. We elected a new president for a “change we can believe in” so let’s believe that change will come to improve our current conditions and circumstances. Someone once told me that positive thinking will introduce you to many possibilities and realities. So I choose to believe that 2010 will be a great year, full of joy and happiness. Happy New Decade, Everyone!