I know I lived in Omaha for 4 years but never once did I go sledding. But we went and it was so much fun. Why I didn’t try it earlier is beyond me. Even Theodore loved it so much. Tiana hurt her finger on her first run down the hill but she insisted on continuing. My husband’s so happy that we had such a good time that he’s already buying me my own “bib” and all those clothes! I think ever since we met, he has not been to the snow. Something about being cold doesn’t appeal to me. But a weekend is great. The first time I went down the hill, I went down backwards and almost hit a bystander. I was deliriously out of my mind from pure joy that the poor guy probably thought I was crazy. It was so much fun. Definitely will do it again next year.
Tahoe 04_2010

Remember Him?

Poor Photon, ever since the second one arrived, he was pushed to number 3 on our priority list. No longer the only child, Photon now has to share his sofas/toys/etc. and parent time with his siblings, who constantly pull on his tail and coat. But he wouldn’t have it any other way. We still love our little guy so much.photon1.jpg

Easter Chicks

For my daughter’s first Easter with her preschool class, I made (red velvet) cupcake chicks for fun. Unfortunately, Tiana was worried that the chicks were “looking” at her so she didn’t eat any. “The eyes, mama. The eyes…I don’t want to hurt them.” But her classmates were appreciative and thankful. Now, I am popular in that class…FINALLY! Mission: Accomplished.
cupcake chicks