Hawaii 2010

This past Memorial Weekend, my families (yes, everybody…sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, family friends, etc.) all went to Hawaii to celebrate my cousin Hieu’s matrimony. The weather was averaging 84 degrees in the AM and 72 in the PM. It was perfect weather, nice and breezy. We rented a mini van (candy apple red even) and drove around to explore and transport people. We stayed where my other family members were staying. We all had condos w/ 2-3 bdrms. They were all furnished with kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, living rooms, etc. It was a home away from home. Now I know how I should travel. Because there were so many of us, we got a sweet deal as well. More than 120 people showed up for the wedding. My cousin was planning for 75. We were all spread out to only a few hotels.
Unfortunately, our second night (but her 5th) there, my mom broke her foot. Initially, it was nothing so she kept walking for a couple of blocks. Then we sat down for dinner and she couldn’t get out of the restaurant. So, to the ER she went.
We had so much fun. We spent time with our families and friends, catching up with old stories and current events in the families and world. It was a much needed vacation for all of us. So we are all grateful to my cousin and her husband for choosing a destination wedding. Their wedding site was like a page of a magazine book. It was beautiful. I hope you guys will enjoy the pictures below. I was not able to get all the photos of the wedding and families but these are good for now. More to come later. Enjoy.

My son was so excited to talk to his sister. She was telling him they were getting ready to go to the beach. His flip flops were so cute but they were not comfortable. We took them off shortly afterwards.
theodore and tiana in beachwear

My nephews came down from their rooms to say hi. Then my nephew Japhy thought his gesture was so funny. Here, you could see my daughter and nephew Andrew in the background laughing with him. He is the leader of the group. He’s 4. The other two are just 2, almost 3 yrs. old.
japhy middle finger

My mom broke her foot the 5th night she was in Hawaii. We were just walking on the sidewalk when she tripped over an uneven pavement. After dinner she couldn’t walk back to hotel so the guys took her to the ER. Unfortunately, she has another week to go before leaving for home, a few days before the wedding and has yet to enjoy Hawaii. Here she is on her bed telling everyone about it on the phone. It was one call after another when my families found out. Poor Mom.
mom in bed w/ broken foot

At the Hanauma Bay waiting to get in. No, we do not teach our kids to shoot. The girl learned it in preschool from the boys. My boy was just copying his sister.

At Hanauma Bay
toan and kids at Hanauma Bay

Another day at the beach with Diamond Head as the background drop.
at the beach

Yes, that’s my husband using my daughter’s hands to touch another woman’s boobs. Pathetic I say!
Other woman’s boobs

Reception site before sunset
reception before sunset

Night view
reception site at night

My cousin Hieu and her husband at the wedding. He teared up when he saw her coming down the walkway.
hieu and eric

My mom in the wheelchair at the wedding. She was so bummed about sitting in that thing the rest of the week.
pic w/ mom in wheelchair at ceremony site

Mr. Vu (just kidding) and daughter at the wedding site.
proud papa

Me and my sisters. The oldest one is in the middle and my younger sister was one of the bridesmaid in blue. I know, I look older than my older sister…so sad. She’s only older by 1.5yrs.
hawaii-3 sisters

Tiana dancing to the beat of her own music
My daughter dancing

Tiana was so sad we had to leave. She kept asking to stay at “other people’s house”, meaning our rented condo. So disappointed that she had to go home.
tiana at the airport going home