Delta Dental Insurance

Okay…we have been having a lot of issues with patients and Delta Dental insurance. The problem lies when you, the patient, has dual (2) dental insurances/coverage. We have seen and are experiencing frustrations with Delta Dental insurance for our patients because they don’t pay. Delta claimed that if they are the secondary insurance for the patient, they will only pay their percentage ONLY if the primary insurance didn’t pay out what DELTA promised to pay. For instance, if your filling is $100 and you have 2 dental insurances. You will naturally assume that your out-of-pocket expense is nothing. But not if you have Delta Dental as your secondary insurance. Your primary may pay $80 and you would think Delta would pay the rest of the $20 but they won’t. They claimed that since the $80 was already paid out by the primary insurance, they are no longer obligated to pay out the rest ($20) since their contract says they would only grant $80 as total insurance payment to the patient. Understand? When confronted with “but you didn’t pay your portion” to Delta, its representative claimed that it doesn’t matter. The money was paid by an insurance company so they are no longer obligated to pay. Does that make sense to you? If not, cancel your Delta Dental insurance and stick with only one insurance. You will save money that way since you don’t have to pay Delta Dental monthly payment for something they won’t honor.
It’s a cheap trick and very conniving on their part but it’s their “contract”. So we always warn our patients to be careful when selecting Delta Dental as your insurance carrier. We will be more than happy to help you select a plan that is best for you. Don’t get scammed into paying for something that you will not be able to use because their “contract” has ended with the payment of another insurance company. It’s all in the language. We feel your pain because we think it’s unfortunate, too.

My Boy

Here I am at my brother-in-law’s wedding with my son. He was the ring bearer with no rings to bear. We didn’t think he was mature enough to stay in one place and give back the rings when asked. But he was just so cute in his suit. 🙂
Theo and I