Welcome, Kaia

Welcome, Kaia (pronounce Kai-a)! She was born on 7/14/11 at 7 lbs. 2 oz. Bobbie and Kaia are doing great recovering at home. We get pictures sent to us frequently and this one was our favorite. Who could not love that smile? We wish both mother and daughter all the best and hope to see them soon. Bob thanks you for all your well wishes and presents to Kaia.
P.S. Do NOT drink the water in this office…for obvious reasons.



He’s a happy baby. Please welcome Timothy to the clan. He was my reason for leaving. As the quote in that Jerry McGuire movie said, he, “complete (s) me.” Now, I have all the children I wanted. Every morning I wake up to a wide smiling face. Sometimes I feel his little hand scratching my arm when I lay next to him. It’s a wonderful feeling.
Theodore cannot say Timothy properly. He says, “Tim-thy”. So now we all call him “Tim-thy”. He knows his name and loves to listen to conversations. I just wish he realizes that I’m his mommy, not just his slave.


My Little Guy

Isn’t he so cute? He thinks his mommy is the most beautiful woman there is. I know, many people have told me to enjoy the attention until he doesn’t even want me around him anymore…which is in about 10 years! I read Sleeping Beauty to him regularly because there’s a dragon that he wants to slay. I’m Aurora and he’s my Prince Philip. Therefore, I’m always pricking my finger on the spindle and “slumber”. He got tired of kissing me to wake me up so many times, he sat on the book, looked in my eyes and said, “Mama, turn the page,” as his little hands cupped my face. LOL.

Theodore and red balloon