Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New year. This sign matches with mine so woohoo! I’m expecting a great year ahead. They said dragons are successful, self-assured (conceit?), passionate, brave, innovative, and quick-temper but they are to be honored and respected. Dragons are considered divine beasts, for they deliver good fortune and are masters of authority. With them, come success and power. They love to help but may have trouble receiving help. Oh.
Unlike those in fairytales, Chinese dragons are not to be slay. On that note, will someone please relay this message to my 2 y.o. boy? “Sword of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil dies and good endures.” Remember ’em words? Sleeping Beauty. You would remember them too, if you had to read the 95 pages book at least 3x/night, every night for a few months. My kids couldn’t read yet but they could remember all the important quotes in the book because we read it THAT many times.
Happy Chinese/Vietnamese New Year. Enjoy the food.

Welcome 2012

Happy New Year! I’m so glad 2011 is over. It was a hard year for this soul. There were plenty of goods, but also plenty of ugh. The only awesomeness was Timothy. My heart went through all kinds of emotions, ups and downs, drama, and shocks. I started the year with a diet of chicken wraps. My weight plateaued then finally dipped at the end of the pregnancy. One can only eat so much chicken wraps in a day before one starts to get repulsed by them.
Then a week after labor, I painted my house. As others are recovering from birth, I discovered a hidden talent, which was later used to elaborate the decor of my children’s rooms. Who knew I got skillz. I never said they were great.

Okay, I had help with this room.

Remember, “No good deed goes unpunished?” Why does it always seem to happen to me? I tried to do a good deed but I got punished. I now realize that reality distortion is more common than thought. Steve Jobs may have mastered it, but I know some people who are very good at it, too. These victims of societal norms are oblivious to facts. Then again, why I continue to call a liar a liar is beyond me. One more thing that makes you go, “Hmmm.”

Later in the year, my girlfriend lost her husband on their 11th wedding anniversary. For that, I have not much to complain about. At the funeral, she showed pictures of their world travels before kids. Then it was mostly Disneyland pictures after kids. Oddly enough, it was funny. My husband and I were deeply affected by his passing. We promised ourselves that we would enjoy the journey, not just the destination, take more rest stops, sway with the rhythm, allow our kids to pee on the side of the freeway, focus on being better helicopter parents, reduce outside influence, etc. Basically, we agreed to just make it the best possible journey for our family. Let me tell you, just that reiteration of the obvious made a big difference and it was fun.


Yes, we went to Anaheim for some R&R. However, R&R we did not get. I walked about 8 miles/day x 4 days. I was either carrying a 22lb baby or pushing 70lbs in a stroller. My arms and legs are tone. My hip still hurts occasionally but it was worth it. My kids had so much fun, they were exhausted by the time we got to the hotel every night. Theodore landed a kiss from Belle (of Beauty and the Beast) during our lunch with the princesses and he still remembers it. My daughter talked to her favorite princess. She even wore princess outfits during our visit. It’s amazing how these adults were really into their characters. So the fixed price menu was worth it. Just the look of sheer joy on their faces was great. These princesses were really beautiful. I didn’t post a picture with Jasmine because she was pregnant. Nice, eh?
Yes, the magic of Disney is still there. However, we need to remember it’s the second happiest place on Earth. The first should be your home. Enjoy!
I hope everyone a better 2012.