I had a patient who cried in the chair because her son has ADHD and some other medical conditions (I cannot mention here) that makes it difficult for him to focus. Home life was stressful. So school is a chore for everyone involved. Then I started to research more on the topic. I worked with a clinic a few years ago that specializes in therapy/treatment of ADD/ADHD children. Then I came across a book, authored by Stacey Turis, who has ADHD and is gifted, meaning, a brainiac. According to Turis, that’s a double whammy since her brain is always “on”. The title is “Here’s to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire”. It is hilarious, has lots of profanity and a good insight into how ADHD brains are wired differently, even for the most basic things.
Looking back, I think I have dealt with a lot of people with ADHD. It’s just that we didn’t have a name for it then. We just called them, “temperamental”. This book really presented a new way of dealing with different people for me. Sometimes I forget that some people just don’t get it. Their actions are not always performed with harmful intent. They probably just lacked common sense. Then again, a lot of people without ADHD lack common sense. See what I mean, this book gave me a new perspective on dealing with different people. It was such a fun book to read, I actually laughed out loud multiple times. Enjoy reading.
P.S. I do not get any royalty for recommending this book, unfortunately. But since I’m always asking for a good book to read, I thought I share this one with you guys.