Universal Healthcare “Obamacare”

The Supreme Court has decided that the Obamacare is legal.  Therefore, in 2014, everyone will require to get health insurance.  I understand a lot of people are unhappy with this.  However, the majority of the population are elated.   In dentistry, we welcome the legislation.  This law will allow parents to provide  dental insurance for their adult children up to the age of 26.  Given the state of the economy and the rising cost of healthcare, this legislation is what most of us need, especially the college graduates and young adults.  If jobs were readily available, then young adults wouldn’t need this law.  I don’t know any young person who wouldn’t love to stand on his/her own two feet.  Living at home is not an ideal or wanted situation.  Everyone wants his/her own privacy, lifestyle and space to practice autonomy.  It is not easy to move back home.  If anything else, this law allows parents to contribute a little financial help to their grown children.  Is that so bad?