First Dental Visit

Parents usually ask when they should bring their kids in for the first dental check up. The official answer is 1 y.o. according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The real life answer is anywhere from 2-3 y.o., when they could be more cooperative. Our goal is to make sure they enjoy their first dental experience. We want them to grow up and enjoy dentistry, not fear it.
Today was our 2 y.o. Timmy’s first official dental visit. He had a check up and cleaning done. He loves his dentist. We couldn’t have been happier with a toddler patient. Good job, kiddo!

T5 dentalmommy n T5

Walk for Brain Injury

Over a beautiful weekend, I took my family for a walk, a fundraiser walk for brain injury rehabilitation.  The donation of $25+ gets you a T-shirt, hot dog, chips, water and an afternoon of fun and games.  There were so many volunteers and supporters for the cause.  At least 300 people pre-registered for the walk and more than 500 people showed up.  There were a lot of wheelchairs and deaf people using ASL.  Of course, yours truly went over to say hi and that was it.  They were selling video phones, something I debated on buying since I have more deaf patients calling.  But their video relay service is suffice for now.

Everyone there has a story to share.  We were just lucky enough to be invited by my neighbor, who was also the director and interim chairperson of the rehabilitation center at Valley Medical.   First, I thought she was just being friendly because I donated to her cause.  She hung around with my family and gave us the history of the event.  Then she asked my kids if they were hungry since it was lunchtime and the walk hasn’t even started yet.  My kids answered yes, and the next thing you know, we got 3 bags of chips.  Shortly afterwards, we also got 3 kids’ T-shirts.  They were $20 each.  As time passed, she came by with toys for them.  I was thinking…I didn’t donate that much.  At this rate, all my donations will be given back to me.  Then by the end of the walk, I saw that she didn’t even stop to eat like we all did.  She continued to serve the community.  She brought hot dogs to those who were waiting at the tables, water  to those who were waiting in line under the hot sun and moving people around so the disabled and their caretakers have a place to eat comfortably.  As she moved with 4-5 hot dogs in hand, I was so amazed at her kind heart.  It’s no wonder she didn’t want to be an administrator.  She wanted to be the doctor, helping those who cannot help themselves and finding solutions when most people would just give up.  When I was hearing how great she was from different people, I thought they were just being nice, maybe they thought we were related or good friends.  But as I witnessed her generosity and servant heart, I realized all those compliments were sincere.  Even her husband said she has a serving heart, very community oriented.

As we said our goodbyes and thank you’s, I feel so blessed to know such a great human being.  I feel inspired to continue my goal to serve and help those who cannot help themselves.  Sometimes the vision gets murky and the road traveled tiresome but the journey continues.  So thank you Dr. Thao Duong for your generosity to my family and our communities.  We need more people like you.  I wish I had taken a picture of her for you guys.  I just didn’t think about it.  I was just enjoying the moment.

BIA walk

The walk at Almaden Lake Park

BIA walk p.II

Toan and Sam (Dr. Duong’s husband) pushing the kids in the stroller.

Quote of the Week

“What?  No tip line for good service?” asked a patient  as he was getting ready to sign his name on the dotted line after treatment.

That made me smile and replied, ” What?!  You mean I didn’t hurt you?”  🙂

He was so sweet.  Now if all my patients were like that…hmmm…