Earth Day

It’s Earth Day.  As a tree hugger, I have to write something to honor my planet.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity to live in the Bay Area.  I’ve been all over the United States.  I’ve lived in the Midwest and East Coast.  I’ve travelled up and down the northern and southern states.  I even drove cross country twice!  But that was because I was too poor to fly.  So exhaust I pumped into the air unwillingly.  I always come back to the Bay Area.  This place is home to me.  No other place can stake a claim in my heart like the South Bay does.  The weather is wonderful all year.  My favorite season has to be autumn.  Its cool wind against my skin feels heavenly.  Waking up to the fresh morning breeze over the blanket is awesome.  I love that feeling.

I’m a Californian.  I have a hybrid car.  I eat granola, yogurt and dried fruits.  I shop at farmer’s market on the weekends, not just to buy food but listen to the music, catch up with old friends and dwell in the sun.  I also like to support farmers and buy local.  Sometimes I even ride my bike there.  A lot of times I just walk to get my exercise in.  I do yoga.  I rock climb pre-children days.  I also scuba dive many moons back.  I get to do all these things all year long.  Winter weather is nothing to complain about especially if you have lived in the Midwest with ice storms.  I used to think 40 degrees was skirt day.  Besides, winter brings the holiday spirit so it’s mostly a “happy season”.  Spring is semi-wet but beautiful.  It gives rainbow colors back to the environment.  Summer is hot.  I rather put layers on than take them off for fear of scaring innocent people.  Had I been blessed with a flat stomach, curves and height, you know I would prefer summer first.  But God gave me the 5’1″ skinny body so I will try to not traumatize you.  Anyhoo, I don’t see how I can enjoy summer since I don’t have the nose to appreciate body odor and sweat.  That’s why I do yoga, people!

As I walk around my neighborhood this afternoon, I really wanted to sing that Louis Armstrong song, “What a Wonderful World”.  “I see trees of green, red roses too.  I see them bloom for me and you.  And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…”  The funny part is I really do see trees of green and red roses too.  I do see them bloom as I walk frequently.  Most days I see sky of blue and clouds of white, the bright blessed day and dark sacred night…What a wonderful song.  So please try to preserve what we do have for my children, yours and theirs; our future generations.  The other day my kids were reading the “Wall-E” book about how Earth was destroyed by trash.  Earthlings were sent to live in space.  My kids asked why Earth was so dirty when we were suppose to take care of it because we live on it.  It was kind of sad.  Too bad Earth Day is only one day a year.  It should be everyday.  Everyone should try to take part in preserving it.  We don’t need modern development at the risk of losing Mother Nature.  I rather have parks and trees to play in than a neighborhood of expensive houses or condos.

Let’s try to leave this planet a better place than the one we inherited.  Clean air is important as is clean water and food.  Have a great life in recycling and reducing your carbon footprint.  Remember to remind others to do their part, however big or small.

Earth day

Deaf Dental Presentation

Today I gave a dental health presentation to deaf and hard of hearing middle school kids, age ranging from 11-14. This was my first signing presentation. (Bet you didn’t know I got skills, huh?) It was funny because the older kids were telling the younger kids to sign slow for me. I am just a hearing person after all. We’re slow at reading finger spells. But when we got to talking about dentistry and teeth cleaning, they were all over the place. They had stories to tell. For a deaf class, it wasn’t quiet. Students were banging their tables. Some were even answering questions out loud. It was so fun to watch. Their excitement reminded me how much I enjoy working with special needs. Many years ago I worked with the special needs population in Florida. It was great, except for the part when a mom told me to go back to Japan because her kid could not possibly have cavities since his best friend didn’t have cavities. (All Asians are from Japan BTW…hello!) So thank you to all the people who made this happen for me. You made my day/week! And thank you for showing up to provide moral support.
P.S. The microphone was for the one student with cerebral palsy who has hard of hearing.

deaf presentation copy