Dental Presentation to Deaf Adults

Our presentation at DCARA; it has been awhile since my last presentation there for adult dental hygiene.  This time around I felt like a superstar.  The room was filled, the audience were asking questions non-stop and at the end, they wanted to take pictures with me (and my interpreters).  It was awesome.  I couldn’t even leave the room because people were coming up to me to tell me about their personal dental issues.  It was a really good feeling to know I can understand their signing and they can understand mine.  One gentleman saw me signing my disappointment to an audience member because he was texting during my presentation.  Then he started to laugh because he thought I was funny.  How cool is that?  I can be funny while I sign…multitasking.

DCARA1Here I am being greeted by an audience member from Vietnam.  She wanted to show me some Vietnamese signs that were different from ASL.

DCARA2 An appreciative audience member after the presentation.  My two interpreters on each end were amazing.  I’m so grateful to them for their quick hands.

DCARA4 Lecturing about dental health and hygiene.

DCARA3A husband and wife team thanking us for our presentation.  They also came up after the program to share with us their personal dental issues and concerns.

It was truly a fun event for me.  The whole audience was so friendly and welcoming.  They told me they understood my signing well so that made my day.  I even made a gentleman laughed when he saw me lecturing a patient (of mine) who came to support me, about texting during my program.  He thought I was funny.  I thought that was a great form of flattery.