Oral Cancer Screening in S.F.

This weekend I volunteered for an oral cancer screening event in San Francisco put on by The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). To my surprise, most of my walk-ins were dental people. Not one was from the streets of SF. I even had an opera singer and a wife of a dentist. I know…whaaat??? (say it with my accent) Anyhow, the day went by quickly. I ended up being more of a counselor to the younger dental people than a screener. They asked for my opinions on so many different things not related to oral health. They got me in trouble with the guy in charge of the clinic. I wasn’t moving the line fast enough. I just couldn’t ask them to leave my table when they were asking me some serious questions about their future. It’s funny how people are so open to strangers. I think I may have planted the seeds of self-worth in 2 young minds. As for the oral cancer screening…I found one patient with high risk. It was sad and scary.

agd 2015