One Week in Santo Domingo


In July, I spent one week in Santo Domingo, torturing the poor people of Dominican Republic. We came as a group of dentists, excited to be on an adventure of a lifetime. Everyday we worked for 10+ hours straight, with only a casual break for lunch and bathroom stops. The clinic staff and patients were so hospitable and easy going. Each morning at the clinic, we see a line of patients waiting for treatment alongside the building and inside the waiting room. Everyday we checked medical history, planned treatment options, executed surgeries from extractions, bone augmentation and remodeling to implant placement. They had different doctors doing different procedures for the patients.

We were learning as we go and practicing what we learned. Every hour was valuable. We were productive and focus while enjoying ourselves at the same time. But Thursday came and my body broke down from lack of sleep and fatigue. Each night, I had less than 4 hours of interrupted sleep. It wasn’t the bed or the room. It was just I alone. I have never been away from my family; this trip was my first. But I dare not complain. It was an amazing experience. I completely and thoroughly enjoyed my time. I look forward to many more trips like this.

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