A Tribute to Prince

When I was in elementary school, I fell in love with Prince’s music. I purchased his vinyl album with my own money. It came with a free poster so I hung him above my head. “Purple Rain” was one of my favorite love songs even though I didn’t understand it until years later. “1999” was my dance song. I remember dancing to “1999” in 1999. It was so cool. The DJ, who was a friend of a friend, was impressed with my free dance style of Prince’s songs that he played a few more just for me to let loose. It was hilarious. Talk about getting down. I got there. I was blowing kisses and strutting for “Kiss”. My girlfriend and I even had a choreographed dance for it so we performed. For that brief moment, I didn’t care if people were looking. I was just enjoying myself.  She and I were famous for one night.

A few years back, another girlfriend came to my house driving a little red corvette, blasting the “Little Red Corvette” in her car with the T-top opened and all. She, too, was a Prince fan and couldn’t resist. There was a time when I dressed up as Prince for a talent contest; curly hair, white ruffle shirt and purple pants.  I think my friend still has that picture somewhere in her file, waiting for the right time to embarrass me.   I liked him when I didn’t even understand his music. I just knew I loved the rhythm. When I was asked to choreograph a short segment for a fashion show. One of the songs I chose for the girls to sashay down the catwalk was “The Most Beautiful Girl in The World”.   They loved it. They’re models, what else would they want?

His music gave me so many happy memories, as it did with millions of other people. To me, he seems so nice and eccentric. I remember reading an article about him in a magazine. He was truly a musical genius with multiple talents that were rightfully appreciated and recognized while he was still alive. Yet, he was humble and spiritual, crediting God for his gifts. It was very sweet.

Thank you Prince Rogers Nelson for providing music to my own eccentricities. Every time I listen to certain songs, it brings me back to fond memories of the yesteryears. Thank you for all the comical entertainment I was able to provide my friends with through your music. I’m sure my friends thank you as well. To this day, they still retell stories of my obsession of you to other people. You have given them years of storytelling capabilities without even knowing it. May your soul finally find its home and rest in peace.