This Memorial Day, my boys wanted to paint.  I limited their access to all the acrylic paints and brushes.  Then my daughter joined and everything was opened.  She likes to have access to all tools so it will enhance her creativity.  We made a huge mess of the dining table but it was the best 3 hours of the day.  They were excited and focused.  I can’t say much about the 5 y.o.’s art but it’s a house.  He talked his whole way through.  We actually asked him to quiet down so we could concentrate on our artistry.  He went through 2 canvases while we all finished with one.  They were so nice to each other with compliments and encouragement.  Not one harsh word was spoken.  I was very proud of them.  I almost wondered if they were my kids.  I’m posting their art work and mine.  Hopefully you could guess which is theirs and which is mine.  We are all amateurs.  Have a great Memorial Day with your own families and friends.



Today I received a call from a friend, asking me if I had time to talk. Since it was lunchtime, I complied. She complained how her husband was insensitive. When they argue, words just fly out of his mouth. They were hurtful and malicious. Then he turns around and apologizes. What he doesn’t understand was that his words hurt. Once they were heard, they made their way piercing into her heart. Neurons and fibers have been fired and torn. Anger awaits.

My younger sister used to just yell at me with only half a story told by a fourth party. When she gets the whole story, she would apologize. I don’t know how many times I told her words could sting. But she seems to believe that an apology was good enough. Sometimes it is not.

Decades ago, a boy broke my heart. The next day, he was at a game with another girl. Need I say more? Jerk, perhaps?

When you hurt someone with words, it’s hard to take it back with just a, “I’m sorry”. It doesn’t cut it. When you break someone’s heart, your immediate apology sounds insincere. When you break up with someone, please don’t display your happiness on social media the next day. It is insensitive. Don’t advertise your quick “recovery”. No one needs to see it. Be more sensitive to the one you hurt. Karma’s a female dog. Don’t let it bite you on the butt. Be considerate and think about the person you just hurt. Don’t be a pinhole, even with accidental inclusions. Throwing it in someone’s face is unkind. Words are powerful, spiked with good or bad intentions. Be more thoughtful of how you say things and not just what was said. It is unnecessary to be ruthless. Actions speak louder than words. But as Alexander Pope said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Eat that!

From your “Sweet lil’ ol’ me.”




No Popcorn

This afternoon Jessica called one of our long time patients to schedule a surgery appointment for him.  Then she reiterated that he could not smoke from today on and until at least 2 months after the surgery, as it will affect the outcome.  Then unexpectedly, I got this message immediately after they hung up.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 1.13.01 PM

I should be charging for concierge service.  This was so funny, I had to share.  We were cracking up in the office.  Then he tried to recruit Jessica to be his friend.  He forgot she works for me.  But apparently, that little factor didn’t dissuade him.  Jessica’s too nice.  Maybe that’s why everyone wants to talk to her when they call.