Christmas Break 2016

As we prepare for our Christmas break, we would like to thank everyone for another year of your continual support and allowing us to be your dental health care providers.  It is always a privilege.  We know there are plenty of options for dental care and we are grateful to be yours.  This year we have new team members to help us expand our services to a wider range of communities.  Dr. James Lin and his assistants are professionals who share our same values and beliefs.  He is a  Bay Area native.  He is also a lot nicer than I, just not as funny.  So as we step forward into 2017, we look forward to working with Dr. Lin and his team.  We hope you will get to meet him at your next appointment.

This year we all had dinner at a Brazilian steak house in downtown San Jose.  We all walked out 3 pounds heavier too.  I forget how nice downtown is in the winter.  The lights around the trees, Christmas In The Park, mini carnival set ups, multi-lighted cars driving around to entertain people, happy groups of people, etc.  I am thankful to live in an area that celebrates the holiday season with different cultural groups.  Diversity has always been a part of San Jose.  It is one of the reasons that makes San Jose so great.  My little Grinch heart grew a few sizes bigger.  I was proud of the city I grew up in.  What was small is now big.  Time has modernized my childhood memories.

Have a great holiday season.  If you are looking for things to do, go visit downtown.  There are plenty to do.  Remember to look both ways before crossing the road as the police is waiting to lecture you about jaywalking.  Enjoy.  Don’t forget to floss.jessme1 Jessica’s bunny ears

5-girls The “girls”.

dsc_5644-20161210-214725 Dr. James Lin

tarasayjames-20161210-200104-editTara, Sayali and Dr. LinsjbThe Grinch and happy Elves.  A patient called me the Grinch because I didn’t want to listen to Christmas music all day long at the office.  I say it’s because I represent people who may not be so “merry” during the holiday.  This season could be one of the most depressing season of the year for a lot of people.  I didn’t want to put further pressure on them to be happy.  But Jessica’s cheerfulness was a little contagious as she sings along with the songs.  It was cute to hear her sing when she thought no one was listening.  However, it was met with, “Really?  I already have to listen to the radio, I have to listen to you, too?”  Then she went back to humming.  The ultimate cuteness came when I heard, “Hal…lelujah, Hallelujah!…” coming from the front desk.  That was met with only a laugh and a huge smile.  No one can be anything but happy with that.  So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.