I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of my gender than I was this past Saturday.  Millions of women joined forces to march and show solidarity for our rights and equality, both of which are under seized by the Trump administration.  Whether you are a Hillary supporter or not, women’s rights is a humanity issue.  It is not a political issue.  You can tell me how much taxes I need to pay annually, where to send my children for public education, rules and regulations I need to follow for traffic, government support, etc.  But you cannot tell me how to use my body, grab me by the “kitten” because you’re famous, or even straight up lie to me because you want to look good.  To paraphrase a sign I saw…I can’t believe I have to protest this sh*t in 2017!

It is not about political parties.  It is about women’s rights and fair treatment of everyone.  Everyone.